Our Story

What is The Art of Life?

The Art of Life is collection of first person point of view videos showing what it means to be alive for people in different parts of the world. From a monk in Myanmar to a coconut tree climber in India, this series is the closest you can get to walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Why was The Art of Life created?

We believe it's important to acknowledge other ways of living life, because seeing ourselves in context to the rest of the world is necessary as we look to create a more inclusive and supportive global community. Although we have our differences, we also share many similarities worth celebrating. We're all just doing the best that we can, provided the situation, resources, and limitations at hand. But ultimately, there's more than one way to live life.

What's Next?

The Art of Life is an ongoing series with the intention of collecting and mapping as many perspectives from around the world as possible. Imagine being able to peak into Alaska and then seconds later catch a glimpse of life in Myanmar, followed by life in Kenya or Chile. Feel free to reach out with ideas for future episodes and if you're a creator interested in contributing to the series, click here.

Thanks for helping us celebrate the human experience.